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在高中時,考卷中的一篇閱讀測驗一直讓我印象很深刻,主題是論朋友對人生的重要性,以及什麼樣的人會成為自己的好朋友 回想著這篇文章的內容真的是受用無比。

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The meaning of Friends

According to Sir William, “In the life of a young man the most essential thing for happiness is the gift of friendship.” But what is a “good friend ?” How is he best described?


Well, it has been my observation that although many all cry with you, few can sincerely rejoice with you. Therefore, in my opinion, a good friend is one who can enjoy your successes without envy. Nothing taxes a friendships (and marriages) often cannot resist such pressure and fail. No wonder many minor friendships go down the drain for the same reason.



A person of good character and sound moral, of honor and humor, of courage and belief is a friend to be sought and treasured — for there are few. Too often we hear, If you can count your good friends on more than one hand, consider yourself blessed.


What makes a friendship last? Well, I dont know all the answers, but one of my observations is that most good friends usually have similar tastes. They generally like and dislike many of the same things. There also usually seems to exist a similarity of personality types — especially in the fundamental values of life such as honesty, sincerity, loyalty, and dependability. 


More often than not, birds of a feather do fly together. I dont think it matters a lot whether one prefers jazz or hockey to anothers Mozart or ballet. Much other matters far more: relying, sharing, giving, getting, enjoying; 



A sympathetic ear always there; criticism when it can help; praise — even if only because it would help. With not many people on this earth will you find this much in common. When you find one, hang on to him, for a good friend found is a rare treasure.





  • essential (a.) 重要的、不可或缺的、精華的

Hard work is essential to success.

  • rejoice (v.) 欣喜、慶祝

I rejoice to hear of your promotion and success.

  • tax (n.) 稅金、壓力 (vt.) 課稅、使~受到壓力

The boss taxed him with having neglected his project.

  • fundamental (a.) 基礎的、根本的、最主要的

The fundamental cause of her success is her hard work.

  • feather (n.) 羽毛、品種 (v.) 長羽毛

Birds of a feather flock together. 鳥以群分、物以類聚

  • hockey (n.) 曲棍球
  • ballet (n.) 芭雷舞
  • sympathetic (a.) 富有同情心的、支持的、和諧的

They are very sympathetic to my proposal.

  • criticism (n.) 批評、評論、苛求

I accepted the criticism of my behavior and words.

Please avoid fake friends!